Justice for Young Families Initiative

Justice for Young Families (J4YF) is a long-term policy initiative to promote the health, equity, opportunity and dignity of young families, informed by their experiences and by organizations and individuals that work with and/or serve young families to raise the most pressing needs of young mothers and fathers and change how they are perceived and treated.  Justice for Young Families is an example of work that amplifies Strong Families – a 10-year Initiative to ensure every family has the rights, recognition, and resources it needs to thrive.

CLRJ believes that in order to address adolescent childbearing and parenting in the Latina/o community and beyond, we must collectively start to change the discourse and norms to include youth sexuality and health needs from a perspective that acknowledges young people’s rights to education, access, autonomy and opportunities.

To learn more, download our J4YF Publications: 

CLRJ_J4YF_Issue_Brief_1_Thumbnail Issue Brief I: Supporting Latina/o Youth: Strengthening Latina/o Young Families and Communities





Issue Brief II: Sin Vergüenza, No Shame: Young Parents Share Their Stories, Challenges, and Determination




“I had to leave; my principal or superintendent told me ‘you can’t stay here while you are pregnant. You have to go to another school, because [the] pregnant school is required for pregnant people.’”


“We should view [adolescent childbearing] as maybe a positive thing because… sometimes…it makes you stronger.  It makes you see things differently and also [improves] communication with your parents.”