CLRJ-Led Research

For Latinas, By Latinas

Unearthing Latina/o Voices on Family, Pregnancy and Reproductive Justice

Latinas/os are projected to become the largest ethnic group in California by 2020 and constitute a majority by 2050. Currently we comprise the largest group of residents under age 30. Despite these significant projections, there is a lack of information concerning Latinas’ attitudes and beliefs regarding reproductive and sexual health issues. In response to this gap, CLRJ in collaboration with Lake Research Partners, conducted a statewide public opinion survey of Latinas and Latinos in California. Read about Latina/o voices on these important topics, including the most marginalized immigrant voices. Find out how these findings can provide Latina/o communities with vital knowledge to inform and urge policymakers to incorporate reproductive and sexual health issues as part of their overall health policy platform. Download PDF report here.

Young Women Speak Out

Perspectives and Implications of Reproductive Health, Rights & Justice Policies
How have notable reproductive and sexual health policies impacted California adolescents’ rights to complete and accurate information and services? Does family communication about sex really influence their decisions? Are pregnant and parenting youth provided equal access to educational opportunities? Does the public debate surrounding adolescent childbearing recognize underlying systemic factors or vilify youth? Download PDF report here.

Making the Case

Making the Case for Latinas’ Reproductive Health and Justice Policy
Who make up the many faces of California’s Latinas? What are their views on pregnancy and abortion? What factors affect Latinas’ access to reproductive health services? How does the role of family, economics or culture affect Latinas’ decisions concerning reproductive and sexual health? How does immigration status affect Latinas’ ability to keep their families together? What resources are available to promote the health and opportunities of young Latinas? Download PDF report here.