Sex Ed Action Kit

Welcome to California Latinas for Reproductive Justice’s (CLRJ) Latin@ Sexuality Education Action Kit!

This bilingual/bicultural (English/Spanish) kit contains a range of model educational, advocacy and organizing materials developed to promote comprehensive sexuality education in local communities. Through this Action Kit, CLRJ seeks to provide community-based organizers, advocates, Promotoras and health educators who work with Latin@ parents and youth information about their right to comprehensive sexuality education in California public schools, combined with tools to support the development of grass roots advocacy and organizing campaigns. We invite you to explore the various opportunities presented by CLRJ’s Latin@ Sexuality Education Action Kit and encourage you take action in your communities!


  • DOWNLOAD PDFPolicy Backgrounder:  Sex Ed is a Reproductive Justice Issue
  • DOWNLOAD PDFHoja de Antecedentes: La Educaci—n Sexual es un Asunto de Justicia Reproductiva
  • DOWNLOAD PDFFact Sheet: Comprehensive Sexuality Education Policy Requirements in California
  • DESCARGAR PDFHoja Informativa: La Política y Requisitos de la Educación Sexual Completa en California
  • DOWNLOAD PDFTaking Action! Opportunities for Community Education, Advocacy & Organizing
  • DOWNLOAD PDFYouth Survey
  • DESCARGAR PDFEncuesta para Jóvenes
  • Parent Survey DOWNLOAD PDF
  • DESCARGAR PDFEncuesta para Padres
  • DOWNLOAD PDFYouth Resources
  • DOWNLOAD PDFParent Resources
  • DOWNLOAD PDFLevántate! Stand Up for Sex Ed! Campaign Development – Instructions
  • DOWNLOAD PDFLevántate! Stand Up for Sex Ed! Campaign Development – Worksheet

Community Education Materials (Inserts)/
Materiales de Educacion Popular (Inserciones):